The RNFJ contributes to equal access to justice in both official languages by providing training to postsecondary students and justice practitioners and by developing legal and jurilinguistic tools. The RNFJ also advises the federal government on the training needs of the various groups working in provincial justice systems.



The founding members created the RNFJ to:

  • identify and achieve individual and collective efficiencies to facilitate implementation of their initiatives;
  • combine their efforts to expand the capacity and variety of training programs;
  • generate economies of scale;
  • promote and build on individual and shared strengths.


Through member collaboration, the RNFJ seeks to achieve two main goals:

  • increase the training options and jurilinguistic tools available and make them more accessible to justice practitioners wishing or required to offer legal services in both official languages;
  • increase the number of justice practitioners able to offer services in both official languages.