Ensuring that the Canadian justice system has the capacity to function equally in both official languages,  this is the mission entrusted to the RNFJ when it was created in 2014. Our member institutions are united in their work to support equal access to justice in French in Canada’s francophone minority communities.


As part of its mandate, the RNFJ advises the federal government on the language training needs of provincial justice system stakeholders, and promotes collaborative approaches among its members. Its members include :

  • post-secondary educational institutions;
  • jurilinguistic centers;
  • non-profit organizations providing training services;
  • a provincial government representative

The RNFJ contributes to the development of tools and to initial and ongoing training in all areas of law, in particular areas of federal jurisdiction, such as criminal law and divorce.  It recognizes that legal services in French is variable in other areas of law, such as family law, civil matters, immigration law and administrative law. The training and tools are aimed at all current justice sector professionals, as well as students enrolled in post-secondary law and justice programs, with a view to providing equal access to justice in both official languages for all Canadians.